Hand-Holding you through your Startup Journey. Step by Step.
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Are you prepared to turn your startup dream into reality, overcoming the challenge of securing funding?

If you're looking to:

  • Transform your startup idea into a compelling pitch deck
  • Get access to the right funding entities - Angel Investors, VCs
  • Craft a clear and impactful narrative for potential investors
But you’re tired of:
  • Feeling lost when translating ideas into an impactful pitch
  • Struggling to structure and document your startup concept effectively
  • Navigating funding challenges without a clear roadmap
…it's time to embark on a transformative path towards crafting a solid pitch deck that not only shapes your idea but also overcomes the funding challenges your startup may face!

About Me

With over 25 years of experience in the digital landscape, I've donned various hats—from Software Developer to Project Manager, Agile Coach, and Principal Mentor. My journey has been a constant evolution, contributing significantly to both multinational corporations (MNCs) and startups.

The 7-Step Startup Success Formula

Drawing from my experiences, I've distilled the highs and lows into a unique framework: the 7-Step Startup Success Formula. This formula is a treasure trove of invaluable insights, born from my own failures and triumphs, precisely crafted to guide entrepreneurs through the intricate maze of startup complexities.

Transform Your Startup Dream

Your Startup Dream deserves more than just an idea—it deserves to evolve into a tangible product that reaches the hands of your customers, potentially becoming a valued commodity they're eager to invest in.Ready to navigate the challenges and pave the way to success for your startup venture? 

Let's schedule a session and unlock the potential of your entrepreneurial journey!




Step 1: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Cultivating the right mindset is pivotal for entrepreneurial success. I'll assist you in shaping a mindset conducive to innovation, risk-taking, and resilience.


Step 2: Startup Idea Validation using the Idea Evaluator Framework

Validating your startup idea is crucial. I'll guide you through a robust framework to scrutinise and refine your concept, ensuring its viability and potential success.


Step 3: Documenting your Startup Value Proposition

Crafting a compelling value proposition is key. I'll help you articulate and document your startup's unique value, setting you apart in the competitive landscape.


Step 4: Product Development (Web and Mobile App)

Turning your idea into a tangible product requires meticulous planning. I'll assist in the strategic roadmap for web and mobile app development, ensuring efficiency and quality.


Step 5: Marketing, Sales, Post-Sales Strategies

Navigating through marketing, sales, and post-sales engagement demands strategic finesse. I'll help chart a roadmap tailored to your startup's growth trajectory.


Step 6: Identifying the Right Team

Building a capable team is fundamental. I'll guide you in assembling a skilled and cohesive team aligned with your startup's vision and goals.


Step 7: Fundraising

Raising capital is often a crucial step. I'll offer insights and strategies to navigate the fundraising landscape, optimizing your chances for success.


Anu's involvement in co-founding Fintoo has been transformative. Her adept guidance has been the backbone of our robo wealth advisory startup. From conceptualisation to execution, she played a pivotal role in nurturing our digital presence, starting from ground zero. Her multifaceted expertise spanning technology, marketing, and management has been invaluable in refining our niche products.

Manish Hingar, CEO - Fintoo

Anu's guidance and expertise have been pivotal in the success of my organic milk and food startup, Mrigavya Organic. Her insightful knowledge not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced our understanding of the market dynamics. Her mentorship has been instrumental, allowing us to navigate challenges effectively and scale our offerings.

Yogen Patel - Founder, Mrigavya Organic

Anu has been an indispensable asset to the growth of our online rental ecommerce startup, Coodle. Her collaborative spirit and guidance have significantly shaped our journey from inception to expansion. As a mentor, Anu brought invaluable expertise, steering our digital presence to fruition from the outset. Her astute command over technology, marketing strategies, and managerial insights has been pivotal in refining our unique offerings.

Minal Surya - Founder, Coodle


1. Who can benefit from your startup consulting services?

Our services cater to aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, and individuals seeking guidance and mentorship to navigate the intricacies of the startup landscape. Whether you're at the ideation stage or seeking to refine your startup strategies, our consulting services offer invaluable insights.

2. What makes your approach unique and beneficial for startups?

With over 25 years of experience spanning engineering, entrepreneurship, and coaching, our approach is backed by a unique 7-Step Startup Success Formula. This formula encapsulates a wealth of insights derived from real-world experiences, designed to guide entrepreneurs through every phase of their startup journey.

3. How does your consulting process address common startup challenges?

Our consulting services follow a structured approach, addressing key challenges faced by startups at different stages. From cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset to validating startup ideas, documenting value propositions, guiding product development, formulating marketing strategies, team building, and fundraising, each step is meticulously designed to mitigate challenges and foster success.

4. Can your services assist startups with specific needs, such as team building or fundraising?

Absolutely. Our 7-step formula covers a range of crucial aspects essential for startup success. Whether you need guidance in assembling the right team, devising effective fundraising strategies, or other specialized needs, our consulting services offer tailored support across various domains.

5. What if I'm unsure where to begin with my startup idea?

Our consulting services are designed to meet entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey. If you're uncertain about how to start or refine your startup idea, our step-by-step approach begins with developing an entrepreneurial mindset, guiding you through idea validation, and further strategic planning.

6. How can I engage with your consulting services to kickstart my startup journey?

Schedule a session with us to unlock the potential of your entrepreneurial journey. We offer personalized consultations, mentoring, and a structured roadmap tailored to your specific startup aspirations and goals.

7. Is this consulting suitable for tech-based startups or businesses from other sectors?

Our consulting services are adaptable and beneficial for startups across various industries and sectors. Whether you're launching a tech-based startup or exploring opportunities in other domains, our expertise and methodologies apply universally to drive your startup towards success.

8. What outcomes can I expect from engaging with your consulting services?

By working with us, you can expect a refined startup strategy, a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your business goals, enhanced clarity in decision-making, optimized resource allocation, and actionable insights to propel your startup towards success.


Every entrepreneur’s journey is a mix of failures and successes. The probability of failure is higher, however, there is a way to grow and keep growing until you build a successful startup. This book is one such guide to help you with 7 formulas for your success.


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